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  About Us
   Our Alfaline Telecommunications Services Industry and Trade Limited Company, which has been serving for a long time experienced engineers in different companies in the sector by bringing together knowledge and experience, a company founded with the idea spread to larger markets.

   Our many years of experienced managers in public organizations such as the energy distribution TEİAŞ (MV AG), Turkish Telecom (PTT) phone manufactures copper and fiber optic cables infrastructure projects, the experiences gained, the operators now offering long distance telephone services, GSM operators in this area projects to meet the needs successfully used the startup. Currently, the company has been working in various regions of our country.

   Our scope of services required in the sector where supply and installation of all types of communication and power cables, communication equipment installation and provide support services, infrastructure construction projects and the realization of the hardware used in the field of import, there are issues such as exports to other countries under the project.

   Our experience gained from projects in Turkey, the communications access networks and telecommunications services by moving out of the country in the world is moving a vision of becoming a leading company serving Stan.