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In our age of Internet users rapidly increasing, the increase of mobile gaming entertainment applications, with 3G video communications uses, needs to increase access to information via ADSL, with increased use of social media platforms, offered fixed-line users in education, entertainment, TV, radio services, such as increasing continuously due to the use of IPTV requirements for increased speed and bandwidth, fiber-optic networks are bringing these technologies are indispensable to our house as a transmission medium has made it mandatory to use.

Elimination of the need for the industry focused on this issue, our company productions Alfaline Telecommunications done, especially for network operators and commissioning specialized in fiber optic infrastructure.

• intercity and urban areas within the scope of the project will be established routes and the necessary survey work done on the route of the fiber optic communications
• Installation of fiber optic communications infrastructure to be related to the rights of the necessary transition to private and public institutions (ROW) permits, contracting, certificates were granted no-claim
• Allow HDPE pipes and fiber optic infrastructure on the route from the modified manufacturing
• Bridge, railway and highway crossings, such as horizontal drilling locations make specific
• Fiber optic splice, termination, and measurement studies ODTR
• installation and commissioning of FTTx and GPON Projects
• the establishment of telecommunication centers
• Transmission equipment installation and support services
• Fibre optic active components (SDH, DWDM, switch, router, etc.) Installation
• Energy infrastructure survey lines projecting, installation and commissioning
• Infrastructure construction, project planning and consulting services